Do you want to know instantly the amount of sugar contained in each food you eat ?: Find out how to do it

At DKV we encourage you to reduce your sugar consumption so that you can improve your health. With the new Sin Azúcar app it will be much easier to get it. Try it now!


Sugar is more harmful to your health than you think and is in large proportions in many more foods than you could imagine.

Did you know that a can of soda contains a quantity of sugar equivalent to ten cubes of this substance? And that a yogurt has the equivalent of four cubes and ribs with barbecue sauce to twenty?

So that you have enough information about how sugar affects your body and you can reduce its consumption to improve your health, DKV has teamed up with the organization Sin Azúcar .

Thus, for example, DKV is collaborating in the diffusion of the exhibition “Without sugar” that shows, through photographs, the amount of sugar that you eat every day without realizing with each one of the foods that you consume.

If you have not had the opportunity to see it, do not worry. You have other options at your disposal to know everything about sugar and how to maintain a healthy diet:

  1. Download the new Sin Azúcar app. This new tool has a label scanner to calculate the number of lumps equivalent to each food you take. In addition, it gives you access to all the photographs that the organization Sin Azúcar publishes on its website and social networks.

            Start enjoying it now, by clicking here !

  1. Attend TEDx events where nutrition is discussed. At DKV we have started to sponsor them because we believe that these meetings, whose philosophy is to transmit the best “ideas worth spreading” are a very appropriate scenario to share information about the importance of healthy eating and how to carry it out. For this reason, we have given our support to the TEDx Malagueta, TEDx Vitoria, TEDx Tarragona and many more that will come later.

At DKV we want you to take good care of yourself. Providing you with enough information to maintain a healthy diet and life is essential to achieve it. Because we know you have a lot to take care of: your health.

Exhibition “SinAzú”


In this same line, DKV sponsors the exhibition “”. It is an artistic project that aims to show, through photography, the amount of sugar that many of the foods we consume habitually have in their composition .

Knowing the actual percentage of sugar contained in the food we eat every day is very necessary. More and more studies have linked the high consumption of this substance with the risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, coronary and hepatic diseases. 

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