Do you know how much sugar you consume daily ?

The Multipurpose Hall of the DKV Tower hosts the exhibition “Without Sugar” from April 8 to June 24. The sample consists of several photographs that reflect the amount of sugar that, without realizing it, you eat in your day to day.


A can of soda contains an amount of sugar equivalent to ten cubes of this substance. A yogurt, the equivalent of four and some ribs with barbecue sauce, 80 grams of sugar, that is, the same as about twenty cubes. Did you know?

Most people do not know and are not aware of all the negative effects that excessive consumption of sugar has on our body.

For these reasons, the objective of the exhibition “Without Sugar” is to make sure that, through photographs, you know the amount of sugar you drink , on a daily basis, without even realizing it. And it is that this substance is in the composition of many more products than you think.

Knowing the percentage of sugar in each of the foods we eat is extremely important, since, more and more studies , relate the high consumption of this substance with the risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, coronary and liver diseases .

So, do not think about it! Visit the exhibition “Without Sugar” and do not let something so sweet come to embitter your days.

The exhibition will be in the Multipurpose Room of the DKV Tower of Zaragoza from April 8 to June 24. Do not miss it!


We want to help you improve your diet and reduce your sugar consumption

At DKV we want you to take good care of yourself. To know more about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and know how to carry it out, in addition to the exhibition “Without Sugar”, we sponsor TEDx events in which nutrition is discussed.

Last February, we were the main sponsors of one of the “biggest” TEDx events in Spain, the TEDxMalagueta , which brought together more than 900 attendees .

Following the philosophy of the popular TED talks, the TEDx program aims to convey the best “ideas worth spreading”.

TEDxMalagueta welcomed the reflections of tennis coach Toni Nadal, actor Álex O’Dogherty, the prestigious nutritionist and blogger, Aitor Sánchez and the transplant coordinator of the Hospital Clínico, Fernando Segura , among others.

DKV sponsored this event considering it a very appropriate scenario to share information about the importance of healthy eating and how to carry it out. A subject that we should all know in depth to be able to improve our health and our well-being .

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